Plants with a Purpose

A community initiative dedicated to reducing the impact of food deserts in the U.S.


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In 2016 Sabra made a commitment to helping address the lack of access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables in Food Deserts, launching Plants with a Purpose, a community initiative in August 2016. It has sprouted in 2017 to yield direct impact within the Sabra employee base and greater community to provide culinary and nutrition information and increase access. Plants with a Purpose has thrived thanks to employee contributions, volunteerism and hands-on partner relationships.


The largest Food Desert in the country for a city its size.

Employee Work-share Garden

Plants with a Purpose launched with the establishment of an organic employee workshare garden on the Sabra campus, home to our Gold LEED-certified hummus manufacturing facility in Chesterfield County, VA… which is also home to one of the most challenged areas of access in the country.


1,700 working hours have been invested in the garden

(2,300% increase over 2016)

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Awareness and Education:

80 Million+ Touchpoints


Media coverage and social media conversation increased awareness about Food Deserts Hundreds of Veg-U-cation booklets were distributed through partners, providing portable vegetable information and inspiration to accompany donations

33,108+ pounds of produce donated

(vs 8,640 in 2016)


  • 5,000 servings of baby carrots and hummus singles were distributed - allowing a convenient and palatable way to introduce vegetables to children
  • 17,200 lbs of nutrient dense chickpeas were re-packaged into single serving bags including a recipe - reducing waste of unused raw ingredients
  • 87,448 donated meals were enhanced in partnership with Feedmore


Community Planting and Impact

Transformed a vacant lot into a functional garden at local underserved High School– collaboratively planting 450 croplings with nearly 50 students. Hosted students on Sabra campus with First Lady of VA Teamed with dozens of girls at camp to plant plant radish, kale and carrots in take-home garden buckets with Girls for a Change. Cleaned a forest at NY Botanical Gardens Sponsored a student-led urban garden with Green Bronx Machine.


130 Bucket Gardens

Up-cycled, five-gallon olive buckets motivated a simple movement to plant anywhere, anyhow. When requesting a bucket, consumers through schools and Facebook received a “Garden to Go” bucket, $10 Amazon gift card for potting soil and peat moss, and a Sabra “seed packet” collateral piece.






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As a brand dedicated to creating a fresh new way of eating and connecting, it is not enough to offer products that enhance and inspire consumption of fresh produce. We are uniquely positioned to help address this very real and sometimes surprising challenge facing communities across the country, where access to affordable fast food far outpaces or entirely overtakes access to quality, affordable fruits and vegetables. And, we will begin right here, in our backyard, where the need is great. It is our mission to bring people together through better food experiences, and we have an opportunity to step up with this program that aligns with our purpose as a business.


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